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Anthropology is the study of the culture and society of human beings. I could show this video to demonstrate that recreation is the primary purpose of socializing nude, not sexual coupling. I could show it as a means of demonstrating how a subgroup of people use nudity to equalize the status of its members. And I could show the video to encourage others to attend a nudist resort because nudists are interesting. I watch documentaries about other cultures. How different cultures handle courting, marriage, children, property, conflict, leisure time, work, etc. Watching a group of nudists could be very much the same, especially if you had no experience with nudism. There is some commonality in the culture of nudism, especially as practiced in the United States.

Why do women choose nude recreation?

Because it is fun? Seriously, I have found that most women love it and they find the real joy of actually being a woman once they allow themselves the freedom of experiencing social nudism. I know I sure did! Not to mention the relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, body acceptance and self-esteem they quickly learn to feel from nude recreation. Most women today have fond memories of going skinny dipping or in a spa or hot tub when we where young and innocent. So it's really not all that new. Social nudism is becoming very popular and there are a great many wonderful reasons for women choosing nude recreation in today's world, including the many health benefits it offers.

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There are many ways to promote Naturism both in and away from home. Whether it is to extol the benefits of being naked or just to make others aware of what harm a clothing (fashion) compulsive mindset can do. Some may want to be out of this shell because they like being naked, others because of what the shell stands for and what it physically does to them. Clothing as a repressive tool is not a foreign concept.

"Nudism is a wonderful and healthy freedom to enjoy"

So What is Nudism?

If we look into the dictionary, we find out, that nudism is: "a movement of nudity promotion and its practicing". The word has its origin in the Latin "nudo", that means "naked". But evermore there is in this connection a more modern term used, and that is "naturism". It comes from the Latin word natura, that means "nature". If with nudism we mean the promotion and practicing of nudity as such, naturism is more concentrating on the return of the man to the nature through his dwelling without clothes in a natural environment of the nature.

"Nudity is the freedom of speech and thus protected by the First Amendment"
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