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What is the difference between nudist and a naturist?

Depending on whom you ask, there could be no difference. In Europe, the term naturist is the most common, with nudist being the older term. In North America, some people use the two words interchangeably. Others define two different philosophies which have nudity in common. Those who find a difference define naturists as closer to nature and more interested in free beaches, and nudists as people who practice nudity more in an urban club setting. Not all people who practice naturism/nudism like the labels. They don't see themselves as different from anyone else. As well, not all nude people at a free beach or club espouse the naturist/nudist philosophy.

Why be nude?

Many naturists would answer, "Why not be nude?" Why would you wear clothing while swimming? You don't wear clothing in the bath or shower. Naturists are not against clothing. Rather, we believe that you should dress only when appropriate. Being nude feels good. It makes people feel free. It takes away artificial inhibitions that were forced upon us after we were born. Naturists believe in body acceptance. Most report feeling less self-conscious on a nude beach than on a traditional clothed beach. The body parts which we cover are arbitrary. It has been suggested that we cover the genital area because of its sexual nature. However, a quick survey of your day would show that that area is used for non-sexual purposes the most of the time. In fact, an equally sexual body part is your lips. Yet we do not have any problems walking around with our lips exposed!

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Natural Life Airfield #1 41 Videos - 9,280 Views

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There are many ways to promote Naturism both in and away from home. Whether it is to extol the benefits of being naked or just to make others aware of what harm a clothing (fashion) compulsive mindset can do. Some may want to be out of this shell because they like being naked, others because of what the shell stands for and what it physically does to them. Clothing as a repressive tool is not a foreign concept.

"Nudism is a wonderful and healthy freedom to enjoy"

So What is Nudism?

If we look into the dictionary, we find out, that nudism is: "a movement of nudity promotion and its practicing". The word has its origin in the Latin "nudo", that means "naked". But evermore there is in this connection a more modern term used, and that is "naturism". It comes from the Latin word natura, that means "nature". If with nudism we mean the promotion and practicing of nudity as such, naturism is more concentrating on the return of the man to the nature through his dwelling without clothes in a natural environment of the nature.

"Nudity is the freedom of speech and thus protected by the First Amendment"
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Naturism Encourages Mutual Respect
Naturism is characterized by the practice of communal nudity. Nudity is seen by most people as being the most obvious aspect of naturism. While it is true that nudity is central to naturism, it is also a means of encouraging self-respect, respect for others, and for the environment. To approach another person completely naked is an act of trust. You are saying, in effect, "Here I am, completely unpretentious, with all my physical imperfections on view. Accept me for what I am, and I will accept you as you are. What you see is the whole "me" as I really am." Such an attitude can only engender mutual respect.

You feel really close to nature when you discard your clothes and feel warm sunshine, fresh air or cool water on the whole of your body. Being naked outdoors gives you a great sense of freedom.

Being naked in the presence of others is a pleasurable experience, but it is pleasure in the nicest sense of the word. It is very relaxing and enjoyable. You won't find naturists nervously leering at each other - they are open and trusting of each other, accepting each other's imperfections, and respecting each other's personalities.

Clothes restrict the flow of air over the skin and prevent the evaporation of perspiration. Clothes encourage the proliferation of bacteria and microscopic fungi, especially in humid and warm conditions. They interfere with the body's natural temperature control mechanisms, making some parts hotter than others. Naked people rarely smell bad, but sweaty clothes do. Tight shorts and trousers, raise the temperature of the testicles in the male, thus interfering with the development of sperm and male hormones and reducing fertility. Nakedness is the human animal's natural condition and contributes to physical and emotional health.

A most important aspect of naturism is its educational effect on growing children. In the clothed world, where everyone goes to great lengths to hide their "private parts", children become ashamed of their own bodies and curious about the bodies of others, especially of the opposite sex. Sex becomes "forbidden fruit", and this leads to unnaturally intense curiosity and often undesirable behavior. In the naturist setting, naked bodies are no big deal. There is no prurient curiosity; no need to be ashamed of one's own body since others are obviously developing in the same way. Adolescents can see exactly how their bodies are going to change as they grow older. It would be extremely unlikely for a person who has been raised in a naturist family to become a sexual deviant or pedophile. The practice of naturism automatically engenders a healthy attitude towards people of the opposite sex. They are seen as whole personalities, and not merely as sex-objects. contains videos of nude nudists and naturists. Please leave if you are offended by nude sunbathers, nudism, naturism, voyeurism, public nudity, adult videos or if these videos may be illegal in your current locality. All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed/filmed.